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Of struggles and dreams, a homage to the people of Nepal.

I have been in the studio for the last two months creating some works of art that reflect some of what i saw and felt on the faces and in the eyes of people around me during and since the huge

When the mountain shook

I have visited Nepal before attracted by the beauty of the mountains, the warmth of the people and the chaos of the capital. Although this would be my third trip to the land where both Buddha and the pagoda were

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Remix: The Pearl Earing

Remix mural from martin travers on Vimeo.

Three Artists Three Cities

Casablanca Mural “Dignity”

Along with Mohammed Ali, me & Benjamin Benrakad kicked off the Three artists Three cities collaboration this month in Casablanca, Morocco with the “Dignity” mural. It was an amazing experience to be painting a wall in this residential nieghbourhood called

Birmingham Mural with Aerosol Arabic

  The mural painted in Sparkbrook Birmingham was painted by two artists Mohammed Ali and Martin Travers.  Here is their perspective on the experience of painting this wall. First up, Martin Travers: I recently had the pleasure of collaborating on

Art Exhibition

In Martin Travers’ new exhibition entitled ‘Journeys through struggles and dreams’ he explores the classic notion of ‘what doesn’t kill you simply makes you stronger.’ Through a series of journeys on public transport around the world Martin found inspiration for

Street Art San Francisco Mission Muralismo

New book out by the folks at Precita Eyes called “Street Art San Francisco Mission Muralismo”. It’s edited by Anice Jacoby with a nice forward by the man himself, Carlos Santana. My mural is among the many great works of

New York Times Ad

The Mural I painted in San Francisco’s Mission District, Balmy Alley, entitled “New Dawn” is being used by the New York Times in an ad campaign aimed at the “Bay Area”. So it’s up on billboards in the BART